Food Pantry Update from July 2017

Join us January 15-22 for a Week of Prayer.

Our team has returned from Conakry, Guinea; Lungi, Sierra Leone; and Valence, France. What an amazing trip! Click through to find out what they were up to, and to be linked to our Facebook group where you can see photos and additional updates!

CMA Missionary Chad Clason visited Canby Alliance on Sunday, May 3rd.

We are seeking to advance God's kingdom globally in the following ways:

  • Susu Partnership:

​Since 2000 we have been investing our finances and sending short-term mission teams to assist missionaries from a number of denominations in Guinea & Sierra Leone, West Africa in their efforts to reach the Susu people for Christ, an unreached people group of over 1,000,000 Muslims.

The Pacific Northwest is often called the "Unchurched Belt." It is a part of the United States in which many people do not havethe roots in Christianity that many have in other parts of the United States. But even though many in the Pacific Northwest aren't involved in church, many are curious and open to spiritual matters. It leaves a great opportunity to spread the love of Jesus within our region. Here are a few ways in which we are involved in making a difference in the Pacific Northwest.

We are seeking to advance God's kingdom locally in the following ways:

  • HOME

HOME is our initiative to move the influence of God's love into our neighborhoods, our workplaces, and in our areas of influence. We provide training to help share the love and truth of Jesus with your neighbors in a non-pushy or preachy way.

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