CAC Travels to Africa & France

Thank you for all your prayers as our team traveled to Guinea, Sierra Leone and France.
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Saturday, October 15

Our team is home! They arrived home at 11:45pm tonight, tired but happy. They will be sharing their experiences, pictures and stories at a special Family Worship Service on Sunday, November 5th. Be sure to join us!

Thursday, October 13

The team had COFFEE for breakfast today, and explored Valence with the Tharps. Check our Facebook group for new pics!

Wednesday, October 12

The team has arrived in Valence!

Tuesday, October 11

The team said a difficult goodbye to the Sesays today and boarded an overnight flight from Lungi to Paris, France. They will arrive there in the early morning hours of Wednesday the 12th, and will jump on a TGV Bullet Train to Valence, where they will be met by Greg and Agnes Tharp. 

Monday, October 10

Shopping and lunch in Freetown today. New pictures posted today in our CAC Facebook Group!

Friday, October 7 - Sunday, October 9

The team is planning to visit the newly built church building in Kamayen and the primary school in Samuya on Friday. Joshua will also be leading a Bible study Friday afternoon. Saturday (10/8) they are expecting to meet with the ministry leaders for an update. Then, Sunday, Tim will preach a combined service with the Kamayen and Lungi churches, and there will be a baptism service afterward. They are expecting 30 baptisms at this service!

Thursday, October 6

Today, the team toured the Madina Primary School, met the section chief, and then toured the Modia Medical Clinic, school and church.

Wednesday, October 5

The team is in Sierra Leone today at the home of the Sesays!! Their internet connection is poor to nonexistent...but we will post pictures and updates as we receive them.

Tuesday, October 4

More time at La Zone and with the Clasons. Check out our CAC Facebook group for some pictures of the team! 

Monday, October 3

Today is Guinea Independence Day! The team will be celebrating with the CAC missionaries in Conakry, and spending the day at La Zone Youth Center.
Tomorrow - more time at La Zone and then Wednesday it's on to Sierra Leone.

Sunday, October 2

Pastor Joshua led worship and Pastor Tim delivered the message this evening at a local worship service. Lunch today was African tacos made by a La Zone member who just opened his first restaurant.

Saturday, October 1

The team arrived at the CMA Guest House this evening tired but happy!

Friday, September 30

The team departed early this morning for Seattle - then a bit of a wait before boarding their flight to Paris. From Paris to Freetown, then to Conakry. Check our facebook page for photos and video of the journey! 

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