Sermon Series: Sensitivity & Longing

Sensitivity (to sin) and Longing (for the Holy Spirit) is our current Sunday morning sermon series that began on May 1 and will go through June 26. The underlying foundation of this series is - To deal with our sin is to grow closer to God; to grow closer to God is to deal with our sin! Past sermons can be accessed on the Sermons dropdown link on the church website or email Pastor Tim for a copy of his notes -

Ten Steps for Spiritual Cleansing
From Pastor Tim's message last Sunday. If you missed his sermon, the podcast is available on the website!
1st - ALONE - get alone in a quiet place with paper, pen, and your Bible
2nd - QUIET - quiet your heart before God
3rd - PRAY - begin to pray to prepare your heart
4th - HOLY SPIRIT - ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the specific sins in your life that you need to confess
5th - LIST - list every sin the Holy Spirit reveals to you to confess
6th - STRUGGLE - anticipate the personal struggle you will face
7th - CONFESS - confess your sins one at a time, beginning with the hardest
8th - HUMBLE YOURSELF - expect to have to humble yourself to at least one other person as you seek to make all things right in your life
9th - DONE - write "DONE!" across your sheet of paper after you finish
10th - THANKSGIVING - end with thanksgiving to God