Equipping children and parents to live as disciples of Jesus who Love God and Love Others.

Children's Church

Children’s Church –

Children’s Church takes place during the first service from 10:10-11:00am.

Before the service begins, families are encouraged to check-in for Children’s Church and Sunday School at the Children's Center in the Great Hall.

After checking in, families go together to the sanctuary for a time of worshipping together.

At around 10:10, children ages 3 through 2nd grade are dismissed for Children’s Church.

The purpose of Children’s Church is to give our children the opportunity to learn how to worship God through the experience of “Godly Play”.

In Godly Play:

Ø  We hear and experience biblical stories

Ø  Our classroom is designed to center around the church

Ø  We use hands-on materials for teaching

Ø  Art supplies are provided for creating sacred stories

Ø  We use the circle to gather as a community.

Ø  The room is quiet and sacred as we discover together and individually what it means to be children of God

At approximately 11:00, preschool and grade school children are taken directly to their Sunday School classroom.

Also, at 11:00 –

Ø  3rd through 6th graders can go directly to their Sunday School classroom for a fun fellowship time with their teacher and classmates

Ø  Parents and kids can check in for Sunday School at the Children's Center in the Great Hall.

Ø  Parents can check kids out in their child's Sunday School classroom.